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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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7.5/10 Nice style, but looks rather simple.

I tried out Kemaru's sig tutorial and I liked the results of what I made. Check out my new sig/avatar set.

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D                  E                  S                  T                  I                 N                  Y

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I like it, but brown wasn't the best color choice for this signature.

[offtopic] I wanted to do a silence in the library parody when I saw this :lol: .[/offtopic]

Again, TPBM rate:


I really like both of the images you're showing here. The forest scene is beautiful, it's simple and a reminder of our ecology. The gal in the bubble is really good. There's nothing wrong with the brown, it's perfect. I wouldn't change anything. I have a great picture of Kate Beckinsale that I've been wanting to do something with and you've just inspired me. When I get it done I'll put in my Pictorium. Thanks...

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Your sig looks good. Good color scheme and good design idea. However it seems to lack definition. Perhaps some darker shading to make it stand out some. But it's a great idea. 7.5/10

I usually don't go for abstracts but I was just messin' around and came up with this....... thus the title, "No Rhyme Or Reason."

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