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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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Nice new sig! I gotta get to 1000 posts on here, that is my dream. anyways, I like the simplicity of the sig and avatar since that picture is a sample picture with windows and is very popular. I give you a 9/10 just because the I like the opacity level of the text and the shadows. Great job...next up, 2000 posts :D

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Wow, Crimson, I get back from being away, and you get to be the first person I get to rate.

I'm glad you changed it from your 500-post sig, honestly. (Not saying it was bad, promise.)

I say, 8.9/10

Your name is a tad too dark, although I like the idea / theme of it.

Also, the "bloody" splatters are so darkly shaded that they're either too hard to tell apart from the black splatters and/or they look brownish.

Either all of the splatters are black, or they're a bit more, well, crimson. ;)

I don't know, just my thoughts on it.


|The Pictorium.|

I have been having an artist's block lately! Please PM me ideas for me to try out!

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Crimson: (sorry i just had to rate), I love it man 9.5/10. If only the text was a little brighter. The splats are pretty coolness. Are they brushes or did you do them?

Poised Maverick: Great design and render, i give it an 8/10 because i'm not a fan of the colours. green and pink :? :?

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