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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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Grandmaster Darkshock. :D Funny...

I don't understand your sig, but something about it is very artistic. Try giving it a border. (not necessarily the one I introduced to PdN)

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I like it, but since LFC released that signature, everyone's been overusing the Winter Breeze brushes

Off-topic: I actually now just saw his tut that he made, since I've been wondering why people always say it looks like LFC's tut. I actually haven't seen many people with WB brushes in their sigs :\

TPBM: Rate aeonix's sig.


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The sherriff (sp?) badge and the wooden texture look really realistic! Great work on them, but your sig needs a border, and also there is a feel of emptiness on the left and right edges of the sig. Once those 2 points are sorted, it will me a 10/10 in my book. :D

Merry Christmas


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aeonix - I like it! - It looks like a modern splatter abstract - the glow fits it very well too -7.9/10!

worldnewser - really great concept on this one - I was figuring out an explosion with my current sig as well - I like the distorts and error as well. One point though, in my opinion, is that it doesn't really all flow. Either add in more frames, or speed the ones you have you have up a bit: That would certainly make it a 9.5 8)

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