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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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Plagiarized from DarkShock?

No offense, but it seems too much like his style.

BTW TPBM this is last time you will ever rate this signature.

Nope, guess thats just how I do mine as well. I checked out his graphics, he has a knack for making sigs with renders look sexy as hell so I'll take that as a compliment.

Ikid, your sig is simple but it works. 8.5.

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That's some nice work. I'm guessing you got the border idea from yours truly. :P

Both 9.5/10

Yup, love the border effect so I tend to use it on all my sigs.

10/10 on yours, thats an amazing piece of work.

Don't make me blush. :oops:

Keep up the good work. :wink:

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Wow i love your sig, its great, it looks like theres heaps of splatters and there light trying to get through. Its awsome :P .

Thankyou so much for that compliment, although i dont know what you mean by a masquerade mask. So i probably dont, my sig was extremely easy to do, maily use of the line tool and glow, lol. Thanks again for the really nice compliment.

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