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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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It's not that bad for a first sig. However I'm not too keen on the background as there is quite a lot of colours that clash in the whole sig, go for 2-3 colours, but still, its good for a second sig, to be honest I'm not going to try and remember how bad mine was. :oops:

TPBM rate this sig and my current one please;



andROLL;; x

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Hm. I like the flow, but the greyish smudge looks bad, sorry. Try to run a color balance. Also, for the frames on the left.. make the borders thinner and try a Drop Shadow.

Flow: 8.5/10 I do like the flow. :)

Depth: 4/10 Try to give it a more "Deep" feel.

Text: 6/10 Needs ..more. Very basic. And that little square thing around the text has been done to death. I've used it before, but I feel this sig is too.. anime for that.

Overall: 6.5

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