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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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that would actually be kind of easy to make but I would mess it up, you did a much better job than I could do 9/10

I added a border on mine, tell me if you like it more.

@uH: I like the old one more too. It goes with the background better, the new one looks like you pasted a render into a background...I would give old: 9/10, new: 8.7/10. Yes, it is THAT bad.


..:The Official Sass Giver:..

..:Xbox Live Gamertag: Dutch Man Dann:..

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Simple, but creative and it looks cool 8) 9/10

OK, here's a new twist...Rate:


It's an APNG (animated PNG). It can't be seen animated in Internet Explorer (but any IE users would see the first frame, which is basically the same sig I was asking for critique last time) but Opera 9.5 and FF3 should be able to render this fine. The laggy parts in some places (such as the explosion) were put on purpose (to emulate a laggy recording). Just state whether you prefer the APNG, a still PNG, or my current one better :)

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