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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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A little blurry for the userbar and the current sig is Ok 6/10

My current is made by expired : 100% credit to him ^^


wear our signature and earn 50 studiocredits. pm me your username if you want to participate.

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8/10. Nice sig, but I don't like your name very much, misspelling isn't cool!

Ok, ok, fair enough but besides the name spelling what would you rate it?

@LFC4EVER I love the sig 9/10 except maybe sharpen the edges of the rips in the map. What happened to your old sig I loved it! :shock:

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Sorry man but this isn't looking so great, 4/10. The orange and the blue on each other doesn't work for me at all, and that font and the wings are way overused. The background itself just looks like you used clouds with really high roughness. Changing the color scheme would help a lot, as well as adding more to the background. A border would also help make it work a little bit more. In this case though, a fresh start might help more though.

Well i guess the spike thing didn't work too well for most people. I've actually got a different one in mind now that's a match to my avatar, so if you don't mind, rate this one too.


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