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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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I don't know, the whole concept is nice and original, I think that the whole thing seems out-of-place. 9/10-Blue, I like the glossy feel to it, also.

My new sig: This may be my brightest (color wise) signature I have made. The dark sigs got a bit old. The overall design is based off my once great (now somewhat diminished) passion for magic (Card Magic Tricks for those who lack intellectual capacity) (Just kidding)


..:The Official Sass Giver:..

..:Xbox Live Gamertag: Dutch Man Dann:..

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I dunno.

I'm not trying to say it's not cool, cause I find it is, it just doesn't capture me...

I'm not even exactly sure why...


Me Likee, 8/10, because I know its stupid, but I hate the warm color scheme... red and orange...ewww..to bright and dark at the same time...Too powerful..


Lego's deviantART.

La De Da...

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Nice sig Lego i like the feel to it but... i think some people need to something original with gaming sigs. I give it a 7/10 cause i think gaming sigs (i'm assuming the dudes from a game) are kind of overused. But apart from that very nice. i like the lighting and the borders.

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I'm really not fond of that sig. The white border offers too much contrast to the color scheme and the text is hard to read.


You know the two colours of the LFC o_O? Wanna have a guess?

Red and _h_t_

Complete the magic word :)

I love your sig Icefusion, but I don't like the twist on the right --> 8/10

Bugster you postet in the same moment like me...

next one rate his :/

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