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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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Cool background. I like what you did with the maze plugin.

The border is okay but I think it would've been better if you used a transparent gradient instead of a gaussian blur

The text is a bit too close to the left side of your sig.

Other than that I give it a 8/10 :)

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I like the image as a whole, the rotate function in the zoom/rotate menu is used creatively, and it gives the effect of three dimensions.

But looking at just a part of the image make it not a strong, so ill give it a 9/10. But it's very good! :D

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Fire_Ants, you did a pretty good job with the pictures inside your sig. I like the borders. I don't really like the outside border of the whole sig though. It just seems plain. And I just would like to see the sig a bit bigger and with a bit more color.

Rating: 7/10

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Drew: Your the best at simple sigs :o Your current one has a nice feeling to it, it looks like that material, I forget what its called. Overall, you cant go wrong with simple sigs. 8.4/10

New Sig!

EDIT: If you wanna see the original photo, aske me :)


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Nice effects and mood set! I like the overall feel...



8/10, Good use of colours but I don't thinks thats 100%PDN .

Ice fusion it is 100% PDN except the render.. it is just using the custom brushes plug-ina nd converting PS brushes.. and changing colour schemes, brushing, adding effects and much more! That is my whole style!

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Maybe I should have been wearing my reading specs, but...

On first sighting, I thought the sig above read something like Robocop. Then Habbocop, then Habbotop (dot com).

It's very colourful, but not immediately accessible (though, of course, that may be the intention).

Since I rate the effect more than I am puzzled by the message, I'll vote it as 7/10.

I suppose that now I'm going to have to come up with an image for a sig, as it'd be most unfair if people couldn't have a pop at mine.

(And furthermore, since I notice that posters have not been confining themselves to just the sig above their own message, could I mention that I DO like Fire Ants signature, b&w or no...

'Estoy aqui...?' Would that be Estoi (Estoy) in the Algarve, perchance?)



My minimalist sig pic...

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Nice sig ;)

'Estoy aqui...?' Would that be Estoi (Estoy) in the Algarve, perchance?)

What are you trying to say?

anyways, DragonSlayer that's a 7/10 cause the font is a bit common around here not that original... but the colors and effects are good

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