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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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0/10 Too tall!

Thats quite mean Ryu.

The ironic part is that his sig is actually smaller than yours.

Just because you think something doesn't mean you have to be mean and not constructive

@Walrus---Its ok. Good cloudy effect. 8/10

@Ryu--The skew of the center text is odd to me. And the choice of font is a bit strange in comparison with the style of the sig. The random lines are kinda strange and the center thing seems blurred


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Heh, now I'm going to do your signature as well as you avatar.

I like the background texture, and those... Shapes, I guess, in the background are good, and they make the background un-bland. The metal sides look pretty good with the lines through them, and the metal circle in the middle is okay, but could use some work. The text looks good at that angle, but the background in the circle is just flat green, not the background. So, after all that, 8.5/10.

Dang, WorldNewser beat me, but I'm not gonna delete all of the above--Consider yourself double rated, Ryu.

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Do you mind if I just express my opinion: many people were criticising ChampJev for giving a rating and no pointers, which I agree with - however, here many other users are simply giving a piece of text that is no-more sophisticated than the rating (eg: 9/10 Great Sig) which AFAIK is no more helpful than simply giving a rating.

TPBM rate livewrong811

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Yeah, I originally made the signature for my real life friend, Username: Acim, and his name looked really good the way I have mine. It was just black, Visitor TT2, outlined 1px at an angle. But then he decided to make his own, and I didn't take the time to find another way of making the text look good, I just smacked my name on it.

TPBM, rate Expiration.

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Hi, iKid. I don't think you know much about color theory, as is obvious from your signature. The blue and the red seem to clash and don't work very well together. I suggest to you a great site on color theory. On the left of this page is a navigation column to different color theory "tutorials."

Here is that website: http://www.worqx.com/color/index.htm

I really like this site, and I hope you can get some good information out of it and apply it to your PdN creations.

Besides the color issue, your font still looks quite basic. There are many free font websites. My personal favorite is http://www.dafont.com/. There are various types of font for anything there. Try some sci-fi fonts or something funky! (But make sure the font seems to work with your creation.)

Rating: 5/10

I look forward to seeing your next sig!

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@ Nab: I can't see your sig, dunno why. :? (Gateway timed out or something)

Please rate my sig and Nab's sig if you can see it.

EDIT: Doesn't seem like nab rated drew's sig, 8.7/10, I like the simplicity(Not sure if thats spelled right) of your sig and the text looks good. Thanks for the link.


:) Visit-> My Website <-Visit :)

Please Call Me Elite Override

The trick to flying is throwing yourself at the floor and missing.

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