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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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The reason I didnt rate it, dawmail333, was because I had already rated it before.

And as far as my sig goes: yes all the pics are just that, pics. I changed up the colors a bit, cut, pasted, added shadows, etc. then made it all flow smoothly.

And so you dont get on my case again:

5/10 cause theres way too much black space in there and the brightly colored masked dont really "sit" well with it.

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Start 5/10.

+2 Iron Man

+1Animated sigs take more work

-1 As you said, it was basically just pictures.

+1 Even though the background is just black, it fits well.


Total 8/10

I just made some big changes to my sig. I made the background less transparent. I got rid of the two mini backgrounds because the didn't fit well.

~S x2~

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Freakily awesome.



+Fresh idea

-Border bits look funny (PM me if you want more info on that)

I'd be happy to see a tut about how you made some of those effects, if you'd be happy to make it.

EDIT: Post 75

This is why I need to save the history of the sig before im done making it D:

If I manage to remember how I did it, I'll tell you

Anyways, 8.4/10 for DeviantMind. It could just be a little sharper, but over all it is good.

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Hmm... I like the colors, bright things appeal to me, but... I think it's kind of plain. You could experiment with having the blue and red dots change size more, because right now they're all almost the same size. The name text looks good, but the "always in the background" isn't great, because it, really, isn't in the background. You could make it more transparent, like, a transparent gradient, with the tops of the letters being a little transparent. Wow, that was pretty long... So, I give you a 7/10.

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@Fire Ants---Wonderful Sig :) It's my favorite type (obviously, you know why :wink: ) 9.8/10

300th Post! :mtdew: 8) Now unleashing a new sig (Keeping my av). Hoping to get good feedback. Since my old sig has been basically stated as being great, I hope to vary the style.

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