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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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9.pi out of 10, I really like it, except I don't like it at all. That made no sense whatsoever. Also, what font are you using?

Also, as well as rating my sig, could you tell me which of these templates looks best? Of course, there's going to be a border and text, I just want feedback on the template for it. Also, as three is the maximum, the last two are here (sig 4) and here (sig 5).




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Looks a bit high compared to the width, other then that, great job :D8.235274632948475/10.364738

Based on Jake2K's Zune work. All PDN, except for the wall, which was the first on GIS when searching for "brick texture".

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As it is 100% PdN, I say 9/10. I really like the glow effect on the image in the corner.

Also, I am amusing you are dutch, (because I looked where you lived) and I am also dutch :mrgreen: My last name means "Windmill House" or "House by the Windmill" I am 50% Dutch. (Dad is 100% Dutch).

I am thinking about using this sig, so rate it:



..:The Official Sass Giver:..

..:Xbox Live Gamertag: Dutch Man Dann:..

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