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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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Wow, that's very cool, Milkybarkid. Your border style is a little... overused, which lets it down slightly, however, overall, very nice.



For one day only, my signature is going nameless-nude. Watch that boy streak!

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An excellent work. I do not think I could accomplish that piece with my current skill level. I grant you a 1.

Is that really a 1/10 or a 10/10 typo?

@thirdstreetito: really basic, but it does the job, and looks good. 7/10

10/10 is equal to 1.

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You guys... :roll:

skipped me... :cry:

Please rate :)

Max - really good job on the text - good sharp outlines with a good glossy effect. The only thing I might consider changing would be the shadow (something arong about it IMO).


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hmm.. 9/10 if you did it on your own.. but since you didn't 7/10 :)


Well I made a new combo. I am really pleased with the right side of the sig, but the left.. well I loved how it looked when I started, but then.. it go uglier... and uglier... I will probably just use a transparent gradient to keep the right side in tact, and not such an unbalanced sig. But tell me what you think right now.

EDIT: FIXED the left side.

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