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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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Don't apologize, that's not the idea of this thread. Yours though, it seems to look great sometimes, and then it just looks like heaps of embossed bits. So sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesn't. No idea why. So I won't rate it, as who knows what I'd change the rating to tomorrow.

I'm trying hard to think of something decent to make for a sig, without ripping someone else off. It's hard...

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Yeah Ryan. it looks great now. uploading 99% ? :)

What do you mean about 99% uploading? :?

And as for yours, I think I have rated it before. You did a good job with the road texture, but I think I have managed to replicate it. Is it using the Mosaic effect from Ed with noise that is then embossed?



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