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well now, errr 8.5/10 just cause?

T_Lh, i added a border, and I hope you like it

although, now that i see it, i still need to work on it :?

I think it bumps it up to a 7 or so. :) Though it does have that kind of "unfinished" look imho. And the lens flare seems a bit...out of place with the two light sources...one in the top left and one in the bottom right. :? That being said...

Don't let me direct your artwork. :P Create something you enjoy! If you do that you will be happy. If you try to please other people, you will always be working on it. Every image can be improved on somehow (except a few of barkbark00's ;)). Good luck! :D

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lol i know, but you are the only thats really helping me w/ ideas and such so.... yeah.... i think im gonna feather the edge a little, and ummm i dun know what else at the moment

small change all i did was feather two layers, but i like the effect it gave lets see how it looks on this page...


yeah, i think im gonna use this one, its got kinda of an inward border now, yeah...



"No. Dreaming is illegal."~Pyrochild

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