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That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I hope someone removes that before I throw up.

What do you have against indie88? Don't be mean. Make your comment, but don't make it personal. I happen to think that your av and sig are fairly bad, but I'm not going to say anything personal about it.

indie88: Yours is good, but I think it could be a little better. The blood is kind of orange, and the background is a little busy. I also think it could use a border. 6.938987/10. :-)

EDIT: Oh, and Rage Italic is very difficult to read. You might consider a different font.

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Glad you liked my borders enough to study how I did them, Void. :D

I've sharpened the blurry text in my sig.


9.8/10 That guy is very well done.

I feel threatened. :shock:

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