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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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Here's how this thread works:

You rate the sig of the most recent post on a scale of 1-10 or 1-5 stars.

If you really want to want to comment on a person who posted more than one post up, make sure you rate the sig(s) of every user below that for courtesy.

Example: John Doe just posted his sig above me, but I really really want to comment on Jane Doe's sig which is 2 posts above me, which means that if I am going to comment on Jane's sig, I must also comment on John's sig, and I must distinguish between the two, like so:

Jane: 8/10 I really liked the way you blah blah blah...

John: 7/10 It's nice, but I didn't like the blah blah blah...

Also, you may post multiple sigs.

Let's get started. The next poster will rate my current sig.

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4/5 stars.

You did a really good job on that, I can't see anything wrong with it. :D

It looks like you put a tiny border around the tile background, but forgot the top!


Here are my sigs...I know they're not very good, but I just started using PDN!






|- The Rules -|- çobblestones -|- CaMo -|- MeTaL -|


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7/10 Usedhonda. It's average.

lol sig dump:

GTA sig


Another GTA sig


Metal Gear Solid 4


Car sig


I am a metalhead


Another car sig.


I love Jimi Hendrix's music. Even though he's been dead since 1970.


Old school ftw. Super DOOM Bros.




I'm Rick James $&@#! South Park style. Note Eddie Murphy's marked up couch in the background. (Watch Chappelle's show if you still don't get it)


South park in real life. Originally just a Black and white sketch I found online. Colored it. Added a Background. Turned it into a sig.


Sub Zero Wins! Fatality!


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