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How to Select Object on Layer? and other Qs.

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Hello everyone,

I started using Paint.net again and it looks like I'm rusty for sure. So, I have a few questions if you guys don't mine me asking. :)

1. How do I select an image on a layer? I don't want to select the whole square, just the outline of the image. I've been using the magic wand tool to do this but is there a more efficient way? 
In Photoshop the shorcut key is Ctrl + click on layer.

2. I downloaded the minibrush plugin and installed it but only a few of my brushes display, any reason for that?

I'm sure I'll have more questions soon. All your help is appreciated! 

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Hi Escobar - welcome to the forum :D

1. Magic Wand is probably the correct method. Lower the Tolerance setting and carefully click on the outline (it need to be a different color to the rest of the square). Post the image if you want a more detailed answer.

2. Ask this question in the Custom Brushes thread.

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