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Hi, I am still new to the Paint.net application and the forum and I am having a hard time finding a plugin that will add more font types to download.  If someone could point me in the right direction or can give me a link that will let me access some new font types it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Hello. I'm not sure if you want font types as in different font formats, or just more fonts to use and choose from. I can't help if you want different font formats, but for more fonts to use and type with in paint.net, read below.
Paint.NET uses the fonts that are already installed on your PC. So, to get more fonts simply add more fonts to your PC's font folder. (note, bitmap fonts are not compatible with paint.net 4.0, so they won't show up in paint.net.)
To get free legal fonts, I recommend,
1001fonts.com http://www.1001fonts.com/free-fonts-for-commercial-use.html?page=8&items=10
DaFont.com  http://www.dafont.com/
PLEASE, be careful and ALWAYS read the licenses for each font on both websites. DaFont is a little more risky in my opinion for finding legal fonts, as illegal fonts seem to be mixed in quite a bit.
How to Install fonts?
You can easily do an internet search for how to install fonts.
Here is one place I found that tells you how : http://windows7themes.net/en-us/how-to-install-fonts-in-windows-7/
And, DaFont.com tells you how too : http://www.dafont.com/faq.php

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Copyright Laws, it's all about copyright laws.

Font is actually sort of like a digital art. To make font you need special software, time to make it, and effort. The creators or authors of many fonts require you to give them credit for the fonts they've made, or to buy the font, or to buy a license to use the font.

This is because many people or companies don't like their hard efforts being used without payment or credit.


See here for a professional font making program, to get an idea of the kind of money and effort some people and companies put into for making their font : http://www.high-logic.com/font-editor/fontcreator.html


There are a lot of free font download sites, but more than half the fonts offered on those sites are being offered illegally. This also means these sites are not very safe sites to download from, they don't care about being illegal or legal, and they don't care if they give you viruses with your free, illegal, downloads. Now, of course, downloading anything from the internet can put you at rick for viruses, but illegal sites tend to have higher risks.


Learning more about Creative Commoners or the Public Domain can help you find free legal things for downloading. :)

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To my knowledge, I could be a little off on the details, but anyways,
Commercial Use is where you use the font on things to make money and/or make a profit off of it, such as Ads and TV commercials, or to actually sell the font yourself.
Free For Personal Use is where you can use it for personal things that you will not be making a profit off of. For examples, a teenage girl using font to glam up her prom photo. Or writing a personal letter to a loved one.

To find out a font's licensing, you'll have to look around on the sites you download from.
DaFont answers that for you in their FAQ, look for "Are all the fonts free of charge?" http://www.dafont.com/faq.php

While 1001Fonts has little icons to the right of their fonts, the sale icon with a $ represents the fonts licensing. Hover over the icon to read it's license, or on the font's page click the icon for more details on that font's license. Read here for 1001Fonts Font Usage http://www.1001fonts.com/licenses/general-font-usage-terms.html

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