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Help ! Paint.Net Image Problem

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I decided to sign up to the forums today as i have used Paint.net for many years, however, i am now having a problem with the recently updated version.


I create a lot of walls for The Sims 2 and I attach 3 images of a wall template i use.


Image 1 - This is a blank canvas before i use any colour to colour it in.


Image 2 - First time using this template after the update and the thin black lines which i coloured white are now THICK ?????


Image 3 - After being coloured in using whatever colour i choose, this is the end result of what it should look like, not as image 2.


Can someone advise how i can get this changed as its frustrating.


Thank you.




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Hi Midora


Sorry for the delay in responding. I do the following steps:-


  1. Choose my colour
  2. Choose Paint Bucket
  3. Make sure the fill option is on Flood mode
  4. Click on the wall to colour it in full
  5. Right click on the black lines to turn them white and thats when it blends in to look thicker

How do you disable the anti-aliasing you mentioned.


I apologise now asking silly questions.



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Going to take me a while to get use to the settings and where everything is now however, after going through the above, i messed about abit and doing the following has sorted me out:-


  1. Rasterization = Antiliasing Disabled
  2. Bleeding Mode = Normal (it was on Glow) !!!
  3. Antaliased Selection Quality highlighted

My items look like they did before :) Yay.


Thanks for your help.

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