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V.4.0.3 colour change tool bug

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When I try to use the colour change tool, instead of changing the colour (tested using both right and left click) it just draws a line using the currently active colour over any and all other colours.


i.e.: it looks like the colour change tool is behaving as the pencil tool.


I did reinstall an older version which had a properly working colour change tool, but unfortunately, I can't have both versions of Paint.net installed at the same time because part of the installation process is to remove old versions WHICH IS REALLY ANNOYING WHEN THERE ARE BUGS  IN THE NEW VERSION!

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Sounds like you're confusing the Pencil tool :PencilTool: and the Color Picker :ColorPickerTool:. Try selecting the Color Picker with the keyboard shortcut K.

Now does it work as expected? It does for me.

BTW it is relatively simple to install 3.5x and 4.x side by side. See http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27227-paintnet-40-alpha-build-5034/?p=399792

I would also like to point out that SHOUTING about non-existent bugs is not a great look.

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