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Looking for a Plugin

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, please move if applicable.


I'm new to plugins and looking for one that has a mirror after image reflection effect similar to these

symbol_reflection.jpg Yin-Yang-Reflection1.png

Where the bottom half of the image is transparent and a reflection, what is the proper name terminology of this effect and where can I find the best plugin for this for my own images in Paint.Net? Thank you.

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Thanks @Pratyush for that first plugin link .............. I never knew about it and must givie it a try :) .
@Klink - there is also another way which is quite popular as well.  This is just to duplicate your image, flip it vertically, make it a bit smaller - with the Rectangle select Tool - and then use the Gradient to blur it up, like so:

http://i.imgur.com/fOzuzgA.png Double click on this link to view.

EDIT: Sadly the link that @Pratyush gave, to the Reflection by @dS810, seems not to be working. I guess it's now old and will not be compatible with v4.0.3

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