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define topics such as Malaysia & world cup vs. this

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David, I was not enabled to respond on my OP.


Since you've (at least to-date) displayed more understanding than a certain moderatress

(vs. whom frankly i wish i could use an ignore button vs. such a kRude muzzler)

...may I ask:


If you can please define the grey areas which are not subject to being locked on this

Off-Topic forum, vs. those topics which are locked? I'm unclear on all the nuances.


For example - as far as I know, Malaysia has nothing to do with, yet its not barred from Grand-Theory.

World-Cup has nothing to do with, yet its not barred from Grand-Theory.

Yet for some unfathomable reason, Health Transparency topics are barred.


transparency such as this Quantum holography:




btw, i've learned over the decade on many forums, not to be awed by peoples' credentials based on points they've accrued. Rather, I'm more impressed by the lowest-credentialed person who:


(1) responds fairly

(2) explains stuff to the point

(3) acts decent to those with health issues (never mind how minority)

(4) doesn't discriminate against stem cell topics

(5) doesn't discriminate against topics re: freenergy & quantum physics


Because this is precisely what's been happening on the Net & world at large.IE anything which even smacks of zero-point-energy (or genuine healing) is tarred and feathered or deleted or ignored.


Speak of the term "Agenda" which is bandied about so much - do you really think current sickcare doesn't have an "Agenda"? So why not tar & feather those who deserve it, instead of those attempting to combat it?


That's so illogical to me, that I can only assume that there's a LARGE SEGMENT of the Net populace who are being ongoingly paid a commission to monitor the Net on every single forum, in order to root out anything which smacks of #4 and #5 above. And upon providing proof of censorship or deletion, they're then paid a hefty commission.


What else would explain this illogical discrimination which I've encountered not just here, but various other venues ONLY related to topics 4 and 5 WHICH BOTH RELATE TO CREATIONISM. Again, it just doesn't make sense unless one takes into account the strong possibility of people being on the payroll of a certain "hidden establishment" who vehemently oppose Creationism (Haramein-type) topics.

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Just because someone doesn't share your personal beliefs doesn't mean they're on the payroll of a "hidden establishment." Get your conspiracy bloody potato out of here. You've already had at least two moderators tell you that this is not the place for it, and now you're disrespecting one of them.

This is your final warning.

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