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anyone here affiliated with autoimmune conditions?

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Anyone here affiliated with someone who has severe fibromyalgia, or MS or Lyme?

Basically autoimmune conditions, chronic flu, chronic migraines, pain. Stuff like that.


If you qualify, can I PM you? Hoping I didn't infringe some rule by asking that.

In which case, feel free to ignore this. :roll:


Oh, waht the heck, forget the PM.

I'll just vent over here.


My vent is this - I have Don Quixote plans for changing the current sickcare system (aka USA Unhealthcare Stealthcare Associates of the USA) in favor of a transparent one. I figured - the best way to do that is thru graphics. But I'm stymied, because my electrosensitivity combined with my slow computer system which worsens it, combined with personal life which saps my time have all been impeding my progress toward making a TINY STAB at transparentizing the system. Even my recent posting re: a Logo combining alpha-vertically, is toward grassroots marketing of an original idea I have for a kit which would have a pictorial leaflet inserted explaining to people an alternative to the current paradigm.


Big lumbering systems have maintained a stranglehold for far too long. The elderly brutalized in nursing homes, the Swedish holocaust (where many electrosensitive Swedes were forced to move to the forests with inadequate heating, lighting & cooking, due to cell towers causing major helth breakdown. All because of their Unhealth practitioners - who were in cahoots with Big Industry - refusing to legitimize proof submitted by noted skin professionals. And such kinds of abuses have continued ON AND ON AD NAUSEUM IN THIS SO-CALLED HIGH-TECH AGE OF CONTINUAL NON-TRANSPARENCY. How much more primitive can you get (other than ISIS & Boca HaRam)?


Speak of which, I don't foresee any of the Boca HaRaton primitive professors EVER stepping off their BMW pedals, or pedestals long enough to EVER deign to glance at these:

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P.S. Conversation with God:


Why is it that some people are forced to understand

not only Visual Stuff (such as graphics, or high-style, or even War!!!)

...which every visually-enabled person relates to and believes, due to their visibility

but we're also forced to understand Intangible Invisible Stuff (such as pain & quantum phenomena)

...which most people do NOT relate to...(let alone believe)


So we're forced to relate to others perceptions based on their experiences with the Tangible & Visible

Yet the majority is not interested in believing non-visible phenomena, which they do not experience.


So, God, please define fair play.

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Minni, this is a forum for Paint.NET support. 


I am locking this thread but don't be surprised if we delete it.

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Extending on BarbieQ's comment:  Yes, this particular forum section is for off-topic content, but a couple of thoughts:

  1. You're not going to find as much intellectual conversation about your topic here as you would on a site specifically dedicated to the topic.
  2. For the most part, grinding an axe about a particular "pet" issue (even a worthy one) is often seen as "spammy" and unwanted content.  Sometimes even by those who agree with you.
  3. The Overflow is meant to be a place to blow off steam and have fun, not advance a political agenda.  That's really just not the point of the Paint.NET forum, and it shouldn't be.  If you want to post about this sort of thing, it can go in the Rants thread, but please don't overwhelm that thread with this sort of thing, either.

So, as welcome as you are here, you should realize that there's a major difference between "being yourself" or "expressing your individual personality" and "haranguing" or "giving a sermon."  It's just not appropriate as its own thread.


I'm sorry about your condition, and glad you can find some relief here.  But please understand that we're trying to run a forum for everyone here - not just you.

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