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not enough memory to paste from clipboard

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The message means you have so much "stuff" going on inside your computer that there isn't enough free memory to perform the paste operation.

Try closing down some of the superfluous applications like email, browser & anything else (except paint.net) that are open.

Opening multiple images in paint.net will also use up more memory, so close any images that you don't need right now.

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As always, thanks. But I have another problem that I don't think has to do with memory--although I did have lots of files minimized.


Here's the thing: I finally got almost what I wanted with the narrow border on the cross then superimposed on another cross. BUT I made a mistake that I can cover with a either rectangular or oval (big oval :) ) white box/medallion.


Only I used the rectangular selection tool and it made the box all right. Then I tried the paint can and then a brush but nothing I did would get it to fill with white over the red and blue of the flags. I changed the primary color by using the hex #s. It just wouldn't work.


I also noticed that where I'd superimposed the flags when I tried to put text, it went under the top cross not on top! Boy, leave it to me to approach the finish line then trip and fall flat.


If you can spare the time to help me do the rectangle filled with white thing, then I can hope the text will go into that and not hide under the cross.


If not, Hello, Fiverr! {Probably be better all around anyway. I'm just a stubborn old lady.}



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These issues are best re-posted in the thread you created dealing with that image.

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