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pasted selections don't return where I cut them from

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In PDN 4.0+ , there is a change to the way pasted pieces work. They try (even though it is sometimes impossible) to move themselves to not be outside of the current view.


Heres an example:

. Open a new PDN with the default (for me, anyway) 800x600 canvas

. Make a rectangular selection from 234,0 of 305x578 (specifics not necessary, just make it the middle 1/3 of the image, from the top to near the bottom)

. Zoom in 6x or as much as necessary for the selection's edges to be totally out of view on your system.

. Cut

. Paste

. Zoom back out


You will see that the clip isn't where it came from, due to the logic which adjusts the clip position being unable to function when the clip is larger than the screen. In fact it's in no kind of sensible position.


It should be pretty easy for a setting to disable this by suppressing the repositioning logic.

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No, it's doing what's supposed to do ... it's trying to fit what you're pasting into the current viewport, while also preventing it from spilling out over the edge of the image.


Imagine the case where you copy a small area, and then scroll around and paste it into a whole bunch of different places. You'll want it to paste into the viewport (e.g. where you're currently scrolled to) so that you don't have to keep going back and forth from where you copied to where you want to paste it.

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I don't have to keep going back to where i copied from, if I remember to copy it immediately after pasting it each time.  Then, it will be near where I am.  However, if it's large, then it will no longer be near where I am; it will be nudged around seemingly incoherently.  In fact, I already do this, because when zoomed out, I _do_ have to go back and forth from where I copied (albeit without having to scroll)


Imagine the case where you copy a large area and then zoom in and scroll around and paste it into a whole bunch of different places near each other. 


The only time I want it your way (sometimes) is on the first paste while zoomed in. If it came from far away, it's nice if some part of it is in my viewport. Since most pastes are first-pastes, your default makes sense.  That's why I asked for it as an option.


Another related idea would be a hotkey which pastes the clip such that its move-box or clip center is under the mouse cursor.  That would solve the original problem (clips too far away from the viewport to grab) although I wouldn't dare say it's better for anyone else than what you've done.  However, it would enable me to still solve the original problem, even while your solution was disabled with an option.  I would recommend ctrl+E for that, but only because that's what Paint Shop Pro uses. 


What I'm trying to say is I salute your zany ideas, but I think they mess up as many cases as they improve. However it's possible that with a few minor tweaks, all the messed up cases could get fixed and you'd be cutting-edge creative in a fully successful way.  I'm not just making this stuff up, it affects me in actual work and I'm trying to understand what it is making me more comfortable in Paint Shop Pro for certain tasks.

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. make a new image

. zoom a bunch, 300% is enough for me

. scroll all the way to the right

. draw a filled solid rectangle from the center of your screen off to the very right edge of the canvas

. magic-wand select it

. copy, paste. with sharp eyes you can see the problem now, but...

. ...nudge downards...

. ...and observe that the selection got pushed leftwards 1 pixel, even though there shouldve been room to paste it without the new logic bumping it in.

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