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Zoom to Window doesn't work for images smaller than the window size.

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Hello, I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but I was unable to find it on the forum.

I have a screen resolution of 1920x1080 and the Paint.NET 4.0.3 maximized. I've created a picture that is 800x600 in size. The default zoom is 100%.

If I select the "Zoom to Window" option, the zoom doesn't change.


Also, if the picture has a bigger zoom, selecting either "Zoom to Window" or "Actual Size", both change the zoom to 100%.

However, for pictures that are bigger than the window, or resizing an existing image, the zoom options work as expected.


Let me know if you need additional information.


Thanks, regards.

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Hi Alucard2k! Welcome to the forum :)

Using zoom to window either sets the image to the window size (if the image is larger than the window at 100%) or sets the image size to 100% if the image is smaller than the window. 
Think of this feature as allowing you to snap a large image to the maximum size that can be viewed without scrolling.  It does not enlarge a small image to the window size.
Actual Size should show the image at 100%.  This is the correct behavior.

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You can get what you expect by using the sequence


Ctr.-A              Select all

Ctrl-Shift+B    Zoom to Selection

Ctr-D              Deselect


The ^Zoom to Window' and 'Zoom to Actual Size' behaviour (as described by EER) is standard from the time w/o high resolution screens to allow people to edit pixels. Nowadays - with screen dpis > 200 dpi - it should be revised IMHO.

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