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blending edges

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As you can see, I combined a colored image with an inverted image, but the edges where they meet appear jagged and pixelated. I tried using Smudge but it doesn't look smooth. Is there a way to put the two images together and blend at the edges so that it looks like a smooth and natural blend? Thanks.




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The trick is to use layers, rather than inverting half of a single-layered image.


1. Open the image


2. Duplicate the single layer.


3. On the top layer, Select the part of the image you want to invert.


4. Press Ctrl + I to invert the selection (i.e. everything you want to remain original will be selected).


5. Press Delete to remove the 'original' bits from the layer.


6. Press Ctrl + Shift + I to invert what's left of the layer.


7. Merge down & save.


Here's how it looks after step 6.   I've filled in the corner you inverted to make the effect clearer.  My Selection in step 3 is the top left corner.  Steps 4 and 5 remove the rest of the duplicated layer - which is why you can see the gray and white checkerboard pattern - this denotes transparency!



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