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Max value for saturation (S)

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I'm sure if I'm right, but max value for saturation "S" is 100, but in other programs (including the "normal" Paint) is 240. You can see this behaviour in the picture attached.

The same thing happens with the max value of "V"


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HSV and HSL are different - try the Wiki page here


I think the choice of 240 for HSL Saturation and Luminance as a maximum is arbitary? - but I could be wrong.
Pdn uses ARGB (Alpha,Red,Green,Blue) which are each byte numbers 0 - 255.
The HSV values are calculated from these but can be subject to rounding errors.
Hue is an angle round the colour wheel from red.
Saturation and Value  are  percentages.


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First you have to distinguish between HSV and HSL color model.

The build-in color chooser of Windows shows HSL the Paint.NET one HSV.

Then you have to know that the meaning of saturation is not exactly the same in both color models. See Wikipedia for details.

Indepent from this the 100 in Paint.NET means 100% means maximum saturation.

The reason why Windows uses 240 for the maximum and not 255 or something else has special reasons.


If you like to get a color in the HSL model then download the 'Color Harmonies' plugin. There select 'Single Color' in the popup on the top, click the radio button marked with 'L'. If you prefer the Windows look then click the wheel to get a context menu and select 'Square'.

The only difference is that saturation shows there 100% for the maximum and not 240.

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