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I am trying to create a sprite for a game I am making. I drew the concept art for it on a sheet of paper, scanned it, and am now trying to trace it at 64 pixels for width and etc. for height. The problem is that the scanned photo is over 1000 pixels wide and when I try to resize it it becomes a mess of random pixels. How do I get around this? Here is my image in case that is relevant. Thank you for your time and help.



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Hi @Jacob:
One way is:
1. upload your image into Paint.NET
2. use the rectangle select tool :RectangleSelectTool:  and then use the Move Selected Pixels tool :MoveTool:   to pull the nubs at the corners, whilst holding shift, until you get the size you want


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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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Ok I tried the move tool thing but didn't really liked how it turned out. I found the solution by using the Best Quality setting in the resize feature and putting it down to 64x109. I could trace it now and make it look a lot nicer and everything. I could post the final version when it's done if that pleases anyone.

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@Jacob, That's what I did to get the result I got. Hope that helps with any future problems, best of luck with your art, looks super cool!

Edit: Oh! and I also cranked the contrast all the way up and adjusted the brightness until it looked okay before I resized it. To do this I went to the Brightness / Contrast setting in the Adjustments menu, shown below. I used the settings shown in the picture on the image that you gave me and resized it down to 64 pixels wide.


Hope this helps!  B)

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Nice sprite! I don't want to meet him .. :(

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