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Reverse Anti-Aliasing?

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Hello again....so I've come a long way in using this program since I posted my first question months ago but now I find myself running into a new problem that I am hoping really isn't that much of a problem after all.


I run a T Shirt company and use Paint to make my designs. It seems to work just as well as PS without the added cost.  Anyway, here is the problem I have run into...When I first started using the program I was making designs with anti-aliasing enabled. My current printer was able to use these designs with no problem. I am looking into changing printers to someone more local with better pricing but they have cautioned me that giving them an image with anti-aliasing in it will be a problem and will cause a white line to be wherever anti-aliasing had been used...or really, any sort of shading that has an opacity under 255. I have nearly 40 files that have been done with anti-aliasing enabled and some sort of blur/shading. I would hate to have to go back and re-do all 40 files.


So my question is: Is there a simple way to fix these files that I am not thinking of? Can I turn the anti-aliasing off somehow and re-save the files? Maybe changing bit-depth when saving? ANYTHING? lol


Thanks in advance.

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Go ahead and install this Transparency Adjustment Effect (Plugin) and put the slider all the way to the opaque setting, it should make all of the transparent pixels in the image fully visible.


You should also note that this process isn't too easily reversible, so you may want to make backups of your anti-aliased versions somewhere just in the even that you need them.


Hope this helps, Cheers!



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