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Can't install problem with .NET Framework

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I have had Paint.Net on this computer before.  The problem I am having is I had to reformat and now in re-installing I am getting an error, the files download fine, but it says .NET Framework cannot be installed. (Guess I will get a pic of that before i continue).  Okay it says Fatal error.  I have also attached a pic from my files showing what .Net Framework is there.


I use Windows 7, and as I have said I have had paint.net on here before.


Please advise Thanks in advance for your time.




Christopher Chance




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I don't know if this will help in Windows 7...  However, I had the same problem with Windows 8.1.  No matter what I did, and I tried a lot of things that people suggested to get rid of the 1603 Fatal Error, nothing worked. I kept getting the error.  Finally I found a thread in the Microsoft Community Forum. It turns out that one of the Windows updates KB2918614 broke the Windows installer.  Once I uninstalled the KB2918614 update, I was able to install Paint.net with no problems at all. 


Here's the thread I found with that solution.  It says it is for Windows 8.1 Pro, but I don't have the Pro version and it worked for me, so it might work for Windows 7 also.  Worth checking. If it doesn't make a difference, you can always reinstall the update. 



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