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Expressing Sympathies and Concerns To Those Onboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17...


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Starting this thread to express my deepest sympathy and concerns on passengers on fateful Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, their families and friends.




For any members who like to share your emotions and feelings about this tragedy-in words or in artworks, just post it right here.


Thanks !


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Marvelous idea and wonderful words from you Nai.  Thank you.

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Such a shame that it happened to Malaysia Airlines, who has already had a tragedy befall them just 4 months ago. In fact, it is of course a shame that it happened at all.


Hopefully the truth will come out about what really happened.


:cookie-chocolate: I baked another one...

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I couldn't believe this occurance ...... how can one airline have lost two planes within such a short time?  The mind boggles!  My thoughts are with the poor families who must be beyond grief.


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Heartfelt sympathies go out to the families & friends who have lost loved ones. One family in Australia has lost another family member in this Malaysia Airlines tragedy as well as 2 in the previous one. Appalling response to the disaster from the Ukraine & Russia.


Let sanity & decency prevail so those who mourn loved ones can get some measure of comfort from having their loved ones remains & belongings returned quickly.  


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April Jones, 2012

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