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I've heard that the .NET Framework won't be applicable in Vista, will this cause Paint.NET not compatible with Vista?

(Please note: More than likely, Vista's coded in C.)

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.NET Framework 3.0 is included in Vista so you don't need to install it.

The 3.0 framework is basically the same as .NET 2.0 as far as the core framework goes so many .NET 2.0 application should run under .NET 3.0 Framework. The major difference between .NET 2 and 3 is the inclusion of what MS is refering to as Pilars or foundations. So included with the core (.NET 2.0) they've added on the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and a Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).

So the biggest change if you want to move from a 2.0 app to a 3.0 app is moving from Windows Forms to WPF. Or adding in workflow, communications and ingration with Office 2007 but thats not required in a program like PDN.

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