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4.02 on Virtualbox doesn't render images

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Without getting into all the reasons why... here is my setup.  Additionally, I can (and do) run PDN 4 on my primary hardware (host) without issue.  All drivers are up to date. 


Virtualbox 4.3.12 running on Windows x64 host OS


VM Guest OS - Win 7 x64 - 4GB ram, 256MB Video Memory, 3D and 2D Acceleration enabled (tried disabled as well). 


Latest Paint.NET 4.02 installs and opens without issue.


Issue:  When opening any picture the image is simply rendered as a complete black screen.  Entire image area of application is black, even larger than pixel size of opened file.  This also is the behavoir when clicking "New" and creating a new file.  The thumbnail across the top of the interface works correctly.  It shows the file correctly.  The PDN interface itself appears correctly and functions properly. 


PDN 3.5.11 has no issues rendering images in this environment.  I've rolled back for now.



Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, or if it affects other desktop hypervisors like Virtual PC or VMware Player. 


Thanks for any input or assistance. 



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