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4.0.2 User Interface Question

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I looked but could not find the answer to this except in bits and pieces from multiple threads and posts. Is there a place that shows all the tool locations and functions for pdn's new version 4.0.2 ?  


Being that it is a bit different than the older 3.5 versions it is a little intimidating and confusing for noobies and vets alike,including myself.  Luckily I have both versions installed on my computer so when I get in a confused state I just transfer my project to the older version and do what I have to do. Most of the time I just use the older version for ease of use, time saving, or plugins that are not compatible with the newer version. 


I also was thinking of trying to write a few tutorials but it dawned on me that I have to write them for the newer version of pdn and will need a tutorial on how to use the newer version first because it is the same but different,lol. 


If there is no place that shows the UI tools and functions could someone make one?  I believe it would cut down on all the questions and confusion about the new version which would obviously make the moderator's and user's lives that much easier. I would do it but I am no way confident enough with the newer version to do so. Locations of tools and options seem to be the major problem.

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4.0.2 is a bug fix / updated version of 4.0. the new features of V4 are explained Here  

I do assume that the documentation (F1 Help) will be updated at some point. But I would think that the best way to understand the new features / tools / UI would be to actually play around with them. The only way to learn is by being hands on.  There is only confusion because people are not willing to explore something new. ;)
Open up a copy of one of your images and explore, or open a blank canvas and create something. learn as you go. I am far from being a power user, but even someone with very limited learning skills like me can understand it, I am sure someone like you and the talent you have can.   :)





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Thank you and I'm sure I will, eventually. Plugins are what's holding me back the most from using it more often right now as I slowly add the compatible ones to the arsenal. That on top of the newness is slowing me down a bit.  ;)



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I do assume that the documentation (F1 Help) will be updated at some point.

Correct. It's a fairly large project that I have just offered to undertake.

I previously assisted with a rewrite the website contents, and of course have a little experience writing about Paint.NET (Mastering Paint.NET 3.5.10 - see link in my sig). I'm not sure if the new material will be rolled out incrementally or published in one go.

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