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Curved Gradient?

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As such it will not translate google or text, I send them the text in Spanish, I think it will be better.

Buenas noches.

Cuando empleo su programa utilizo mucho el trabajo con capas, les remito uno de ellos para que comprueben el resultado.

Mi pregunta es sobre la herramienta de degradado, hay varias opciones pero ¿Se puede hacer un degradado circular o curvo?

La segunda pregunta es, ¿Se puede emplear el tampón como herramienta de degradar al mismo tiempo que clonas?

Espero que entiendan mis preguntas, llevo tiempo empleando Paint.Net y creo conocerlo bastante bien, he hecho trabajos que están a la altura de otros programas de pago conocidos.

Mi mas sincera felicitación agradecimiento por este maravilloso programa.

Un gran abrazo a todos Ustedes.


Google Translated:

Good night.

When I use your program use a lot working with layers, I refer to one of them to check the result.

My question is about the gradient tool, there are several options but can make a circular gradient or curved?

The second question is, the buffer may be used as a tool to degrade while you clones?

I hope you understand my questions, took time using Paint.Net and I know quite well, I've done jobs that are on par with other known payment programs.

My most sincere congratulations thanks for this wonderful program.

A big hug to all of you.


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Provided translation
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I've provided a translation and split this from the other thread.

@joanpinya: Please use English on the forum - even a translation will do.


You should try the conical gradient option. It allows you to make a circular gradient around a given point.  Cropping should allow you to select just the part of the gradient you want.

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