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Please help me:(:(

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:? I have a skem 9 account and am making layouts..i couldnt edit properly on my other paint..so i downloaded this one..

however now when i go to upload into my photobucket it will not allow allow it..says in properties of the pics i save in here its a paint/net not a jpeg..pr other acceptable.

HOW DO I CHANGE THE PROPERTIES?? I really need to be able to upload all the pics i save. esp since this is the forst paint program i have had that can do all of this sweet stuff i need for my layouts and contact tables..banners,ect...

Anyone who can help me?? I would really appreciate it!!!! THANKS AHEAD OF TIME:):)


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Glad everything got figured out. Because of that, and because the subject is against the rules and keeps nagging at me (to be fair this post was created right before I posted the rules), I'm closing this happy thread.


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