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recolor bug in v4.0.x?

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Hi everyone


While not a graphics buff, I've been using Paint.NET since the v2 days for the humble graphics manipulations I am capable of.

I often use the application to recolor images or icons. In v4 I notice a serious difference in behaviour compared to v3. After writing this post I will uninstall v4 and re-install v3.5.11.


Let's assume you have a PNG file consisting of transparent pixels as well as black pixels with varying alpha values (looking grey but all having a color value of #000000). Set a secondary color, let's say red (#ff0000). If you recolor the black image with this red secondary color in v3, you get a new image consisting purely of transparent pixels and red pixels with the same alpha values as the black pixels in the original image. - In v4 the black pixels exhibiting an alpha value of 255 are replaced with red pixels, too. That's fine, of course. However, the black pixels with alpha values < 255 are replaced with some mixed values of grey and red which are, in fact, DARKER than #ff0000.

In an original image with a border of increasing alpha values (tapering off into transparency) this new behaviour causes the recolored picture to have a darkened border instead of a border tapering off into transparency.


I'll attach a file that shows an example of a black to orange recoloring using exactely the same procedure in v3 (left) and v4 (right).


I guess, this is a bug. Isn't it?

This cannot be desired behaviour... can it?


Thanks for looking into this.




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