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Hello, I would like to make a suggestion if permitted; 


Every time I close without saving a canvas, I am asked if I want to save before closing, if I have many paintings is annoying to have to bring the mouse to the center of the screen to say "No, close without saving." or "Yes, save.", do not you could do something to prevent this?. 


As always, sorry for my English.



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You could set your mouse to "Snap to" so that it automatically goes to the dialog box. It is my favourite setting for the mouse aside from speed :D

Imagine if we took this reminder to save away - people would lose work because they accidentally forgot to save before exiting. I would not like this at all & I am sure many others would too.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Yes Barbie is right. I tend to make sure I close any files I no longer need as I am working. That way there is minimal hassle when you want to close the program.


Unless of course what you mean is that could there be one reminder for all open unsaved files instead of having a separate reminder for each image. But then even this could lead to accidental loss of progress. I think it is best left as it is.



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You can also just press 'n' or whatever the access key is in your language. Press Alt and you should see an underlined letter in there somewhere (this is standard for all Windows programs, btw).

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