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Is there a function like in MS Paint...

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Is there a function in Paint.NET like there is in MS Paint to paste or move and leave behind the secondary color?


I find this very useful when I take a screenshot of a form and then set the secondary color to the form color and then I can move buttons and field around to create a new form. Great for mockups!

Although Paint.NET has many other extremely useful features that I just couldn't do in MS paint like transparency, crop, magic wand, tolerance, I just need this one other feature.

Alternatively if there was a tool that was like a combination of the selection tools and magic wand so you could select and area around item and then it would snap into place ignoring the background around it. Or even if the magic wand would work inside a selection box then I could just magic wand the background in the selection and invert it.

Also is there a way to change the background color so when you delete or cut something it doesn't leave a transparent hole, it automatically fills it in with the color?


New User!

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