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Custom GUI (Just an idea)

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Well I always like how most of the newer software out there now lets you download skins or make your own. I think this would be a great idea to try and add to Paint.NET. Think about how you could download new GUI's for the program or make your own custom GUI. Turn that windows looking GUI into a fun GUI :).

I know it be some work but does Paint.NET plan to do it at some point ?

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lol I did a search for Custom GUI. Sorry my bad for not think to look up skins.

Yes rick making skins would be a waste of development effort but you would not have to really make any skins. The whole point of it would be for the users of Paint.NET to be able to make there own and let people download them. kinda like what Xfire did with there program that they started when they were doing programing for there coruse's. I my self would like to be able to make Paint.NET darker as I find I can only use it in the day time with out burning my eye's out of my skull :shock:. Thing is I am in college all day so I don't get to play with it much. I can't help it I am a night gamer, I play games in the dark till like 4:00 AM and 5:00 AM. Even the skin on this fourms hurts my eye's.

So even though it be a "waste" to you, it still may be something useful to someone else. Matter a fact I bet if it was in Paint.NET there would be 100's of skins made by uses. People like to stand out, it why people download themes for windows, make there own web page layout, xfire skins, mod there computers, ect..

I not trying to force it on you or anything rick but I just think it be nice to think about doing some time down the road that all.

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Invariably I'd end up spending all my time writing theming, debugging it, and responding to more feature requests regarding theming from people who just wanted to make some l33t-0 sk1n. I don't want to spend all day listening to people whine about why the OK button on one of BoltBait's plugins won't work with their "Pwnies!!! 2008" skin. I'd rather spend my time doing one or more of the following: things I get paid to do (work), hanging out with friends, playing video games, drinking alcohol, absolutely nothing, reading a book, watching TV, teasing my cat, making fun of people, etc.

Please: if you want to do theming, go talk to and hang out with the people who specialize in it http://www.stardock.com/ .

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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