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Paint.NET forum on PHP?


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I'm slightly amused that the Paint.NET forums are running phpBB instead of an ASP.NET forum application such as subtext or Community Server. Perhaps its because php hosting is bundles cheaper than windows hosting? That's the only reason my personal website is php and not ASP.Net. ;-)

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Well phpBB is free anyway. Forumer really makes a lot of money from there forums because they put ads on them.

Rick I understand you don't want to deal with the SQL database as that all you would deal with after uploading phpBB. But if you did host phpBB you could add stuff like Ctracker (Blocks and Bans Spam bots before they can sign up). Also running your own forum can only benfit you because you can add your own ads and have full control of every part. Besides once you set up the forum all you got to do is keep a back up of the SQL (phpBB has a back up button in the admin controls). You could even back this one up if forumer lets you and then up load it to the new forum so no one has to sign back up or re-make posts.

Rick if you ever want to just try it out and don't got SQL databases I could set up a test run php forum for you to try.

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phpBB has been taken into overdrive by these guys: http://ptifo.clanmckeen.com

I run 3 seperate forums using phpBB software, one I've been running since 2001, one I've more recently setup using CH216.

This forum software is free and has a full self-installation package available. Rick, it's worth visiting Pierre's forum, ask a few questions, it's better to have more options open to you mate :wink:

In A World Of Darkness, Try To Be A Ray Of Light!

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