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Problem with plugin downloads

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I have a problem extracting plugins from the zip folder to one of the folders in the paint.net directory it keeps prompting me for a password I have read the read me file and does not state anything about passwords. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong.

Love Paint.net btw 8)

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Which plugin are you having trouble with?

I deleted the original Effects folder and created a new one that enabled me to extract the plugins.I currently have 7 plugins inside the folder only one works that is the shadoweffects.dll file the other files that don't work are







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You see the dll files in there, but they don't show up in the menu? Is that right?

Yes that is correct

OK, try this:

In windows explorer, right-click on a dll file that isn't working and choose Properties from the menu that shows up.

In the General tab of the properties box, look near the bottom for an "Unlock" button. Click it.

Click OK to close the properties box.

Repeat this for each dll that isn't working.

Report your findings here.

Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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Doesn't work I uninstalled the program, then tried reinstalling it again but it gives me an error half way through the installation


and when I try to access the effects folder I get this


lol, I can't rename it or delete the folder so any suggestions on how to fix this problem I would be very grateful

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