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Stuck, cant download Paint 4.0

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Hi, i had Paint 3.whatever and updated it and now all i get is the error below. Ive tried all sorts and it wont install, i ended up with 2 viruses thanks to .Net framework repair tools.


Any suggestions much appreciated.


W7 64bit 16G ram 2TB I7


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I am running Win 7 Pro SP1. I had some hard disk problems that have been taken care of and everything is working properly - except Paint.net.

When I try to install or uninstall I get the message that some files are missing. I have tried just about every suggestion that I can find on the forum with no success.

Looking at the install files (Paint net 4.0 Pre-Release), the MSI file is missing and maybe some others that i don't know about.

Anyway, I'm stuck and need help.


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Rick, I originally searched the registry for "Paint Net" and was amazed to find so many Keys, etc, that were referenced.

I thought that I had deleted all of them but Paint Net would still not load, so I went through the routine again and found additional references that had to be deleted.

I guess that I shouldn't have called them "Hidden" but just items that weren't obvious. Either I missed them on the first pass or it took a couple of passes to ferret them all out.

Once that I really got the registry clean, all was well. (I had tried cleaning the registry using the CClean program but that apparently was not aggressive enough).


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