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Please,rate my image and help me reproduce it.

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 I have created an image in Paint.NET several months ago.Now I am trying to reproduce it and it seems very hard to me.So,please,rate it and try to reproduce my image,then share image creation history with me.
You can find that image here.

Note: I've used some mods.

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Hi Denis and Welcome to PDN  welcome.gif 
I have tried to replicate your image:


These were the steps
http://i.imgur.com/NLR7feL.jpg   This is my finished attempt.
These were the steps:
1. Black Background
2. New Layer
3. Go to Effects – Render – Random Shape Fill by Pyrochild and play with the settings till you get dots.  I chose circles and reduced the sizes.
4. Effects – Blur – Motion Blur at minus - 45 and uncheck ‘centered box’.
5.Duplicate the layer and merge down
6. New Layer – Gradient Bars – and play with ‘skew’ & make the 2nd Alpha color to zero.  Move the line in the circle until you get the right ‘tilt’
7. Go to Adjustments – Gradient mapping – and choose Rainbow.  Uncheck wrap but check preserve Alpha.
8. Duplicate the Gradient layer as many times as you want and resize to your liking.
Then flatten your image.  Presto!



I hope this is of help.  However, I must say that whilst making this for you Paint crashed a couple of times, but gave me no crash log to report back to the mods.  I suspect it must be one of the Plugins being used.  If this happens to you too, please report back :)


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

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Hello,thank for your reply.Your image look good,but it's not way I used to create mine.
Here is what I remember:
1. White background.1 Layer.Size:1280x960.
2. Used Gradient Bars effect (it's from plugin).Colors were B&W.Haven't changed them. I've changed 'skew' to max and,I think,others,like width.
3. I used Anaglyph (Anaglyph from scratch) effect (from plugin) on that image.Both left one and right one were images made from steps 1 and 2 (B&W Gradient Bars image.).So I've replaced one image on +5-10 pixels.Now we have B&W Gradient Bars image anaglyphed,with blue and red colors included beside each bar.
4. So it looks like I remember a lot.But now comes the hardest step.As I remember,I used Curves+ plugin.It's like vanilla Curves adjustment,but better.There you can choose Luminosity,RGB,CMYK,Alpha and Advanced modes. I've chosen CMYK,that means Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Key (Black).So I don't remember how I've mixed them,but that was almost the last step to create image like this.
5. As you see,I don't remember only how I have mixed curves in Curves+ plugin.And I can't still find it out.That's why I ask for help.I think,I've used an adjustment after step 4,that's why it's step 5.It may be one of the plugin adjustments,that I've downloaded,like Color Balance+,Color Mixer,Hue/Saturation+,Levels (Levels is not plugin).

 As you see,this image isn't so hard to create.Just anaglyphed the white image,where were B&W bars and then played with colors with the Curves+ plugin.That's all.1 Layer,very simple.

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I'm not sure this thread is in the right place. It feels more like a question about recreating the image than a Gallery post.

Moved to Paint.NET Discussion & Questions.

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No problem Denis. Welcome to the forum :D

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