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Feature Request - effects applied history

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Another feature I have in mind is what could be called "Effects applied history". I imagine it as a floating list of all effects applied to the picture being edited, each with plugin parameters' values used. For instance if I applied Gaussian Blur with radius of 8 a new entry in the history would show up saying "Gaussian Blur; Radius=8". If I clicked (doubeclicked or whatever) this entry later, the same effect with the same parameter value (radius of 8) would be applied to current layer/ selection. Or other way. If I clicked the entry, plugin window would appear with all the plugin parameter values initialised from the history entry. 



Jakub "Bwana" Sawczuk

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If this were to be added to the current history window, I would say no, BUT, since this is an idea for a separate history of some sort, I LIKE IT!
I like this idea. Knowing what plugins I used at what settings on an image would be very nice. I think this would aid people in making tutorials too, since many tutorials require knowing and recording every little detail of how you made what you made.
A small extra idea for this,
The ability save this kind of history would be cool. Whether that be the ability to copy and paste it into an outside program, or an actual "Save" "Export" button, like the color palettes have. HOWEVER, if this extra idea would hinder the overall idea from not coming true, then never mind, scratch hit. :P

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