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How to Post an Image

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Hi everyone,


I am really new to this forum and have to say that I am really impressed by everything I have seen so far!


I just cant seem to find the facility needed to post images as replies. I can only see it if I am creating a new thread, and was hoping someone could help me with my minor issue. Probably a case of me just having a blonde moment.


Thank You



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Hit the "More Reply Options" button in the bottom right of the post.  :)  Also check out this tutorial for a more detailed explanation of how to embed instead of attach images.


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Thank You very much for your help!


Also I am having troubles finding the CustomBrushesMini Plugin, whenever I click a link it says that it no longer exists. 


I have been getting a lot of links saying that the site is under going some change, and was wondering when this would be fixed?

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Hi. :)

About your question with CustomBrushesMini, your issue might just be that you are trying to get an out-dated version of the plugin. Are you trying to get the plugin from here? http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27937-custombrushesmini-v22/


Also, take note, most questions about specific plugins should be posted on that plugins thread. That includes issues about the plugin, or anything regarding the links to the plugin in that thread.

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