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Multi-Crop to File

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Hey Paint.NET community,


I was hoping you could help me determine if it's possible for me to do the following with Paint.NET, or any other tool.


I have a large, ~7000 x 6000 pixel image that has many sub-images.  It's like a composite, a bunch of photos of people with their names underneath.  Each sub-image is surrounded by a black border that is several pixels thick.  I want to select each sub-image and crop and save it to an individual file.  There are 77 sub-images, so doing this by hand one by one is a pain.  Does anyone have any wizardry that makes this process easy?



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I would also suggest the Layer Saver plugin, but I don't know if that plugin will work for you. Currently it doesn't work for me using paint.net 4.0.


If you want to give it a try anyways, try this :

If your images are all the same size, I would suggest you open up all of your images on one image, but each on their own layer, then select what you want and "Crop to Selection".

Once cropped, save as a pdn format, then use the Layer Saver plugin.

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