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striped pattern

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This plugin pack has a plugin that makes ripples : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/18811-ed-harvey-effects-v-35-2012-02-13/

This old thread has a couple of suggestions on it. You can use the Plugin Index to find plugins.


Make your stripes on one layer, then have your text on another layer.

Then you can either use a blending mode to have the stripes be on your text, or you can try the alpha mask plugin. To use the alpha mask plugin, first make your text black and copy it. Then click on your striped layer and run the plugin, check the "invert" mask option.


Have questions? Need things explaind with better detail? Just ask. :)

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Hi Heather - there is also a very simple way to make some text Stripey - like this: 
Here's how:

  • Open PDN.
  • New Layer and type your text.
  • Select your magic wand tool and hold down ‘shift’ and click outside of the text – hold down Ctrl to select small areas in the text if white remains – and then Invert Selection.
  • Choose a color in the color wheel.
  • Make a new layer and go to Bucket Fill Tool.
  • Go to the top Tool Bar and, where it says “Fill” choose a pattern in the drop down.
  • Then on the new layer, with the text ‘active’ use the bucket-fill and ‘voila’ you have stripey text.  Simples ;) .
  • Deselect the text and go to Effects – Object – Outline Object and pick a color in the color wheel for the outline.
  • Finally Gaussian Blur and flatten.


Hope this helps :)


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